Privacy policy

Visiopuls d.o.o., headquartered in Zagreb, Trgovačka 2, registered with the court register at the Commercial Court in Zagreb (hereinafter: „Visiopuls“) takes care of the personal data you provide by using the website. Visiopuls collect the smallest possible amount of personal data and uses them solely for the purpose for which they are collected and for which you have been informed. It does not share the information with third parties in the same way without informing you and requesting your consent.

Visiopuls always strives to keep your data processed and stored for as long as necessary for the purposes for which they have collected or as required by a contact or applicable law.

Information we collect

In order to maintain the functionality of the websites and provideservies that the users are looking for, Visiopuls can collect and use personal information from users on this site. Depending on the purpose, through the site,  it is possible to collect your personal information such as: first and last name, e-mail address, date of birth, telephone number…By entering personal data in the foreseen fields you will give your consent that the data is used for the purpose for which they are given.

Visiopuls collects information about your use of the website, as well as how and which pages are used. This data is needed to ensure adequate and high quality work of the websiste in order to provide you with quality services as well as improve the services we provide. The website uses the so-called cookies. The details regarding the cookies, how they are used, stored and blocked can be found on the website under the heading “Using cookies”, and details can be found on the link: Furthermore, the publisher can collect information regarding your geographic location. Such data may become available during your search and usage of the website based on the IP address or GPS data on your device. Such data is used to improve our services and ensure the quality of service that we provide to you. The publisher emphasizes that your devices have the option to exclude or restrict your location data, which is an option you can freely use. When collecting personal information, it is possible to store specific data from the Google Analytics platform, which you can get familiar with through the publisher’s cookie use policy. For more information about the privacy policy of the Google Analytics platform please visit

Our individual services available through Internet content enable you to contact Visiopuls directly to make inquiries and booking terms as part of the services provided by Visiopuls. With respect to our services, it is possible that we will ask your centair information about you, so we can get you to know the services better and to help Visiopuls with your request.

In such situation, your personal information is necessary because without it Visiopuls cannot act on your request and will therefore display a form that you can certify that you are familiar with the privacy policies that need to be confirmed.

All interactive options, particularly the communication through private messaging, chat, forums, or other ways of sending messages or communication with each other, have a public character and do not have the status of confidential and verified information so Visiopuls can monitor and remove inappropriate content of the user’s communication without his/her knowledge and special approval.

By accessing and using this website, you agree to use the described tools and other data on your device. You also agree that Visiopuls and third parties may access cookies, local storage technologies, and data.


Data collection and for whom they are available

Your data is collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • for your use of services;
  • for providing services and executing your requests;
  • to provide you with content and recommendations based on your activities on the internet;
  • for sending promotional materials;
  • to improve our business and development of services that we provide to you;
  • for communication with you;
  • to analyze ways people use our services and content to improve and develop them
  • for other purposes with your consent.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to the public. We are very conscientious as to with whom we shar your information, and will not give them to third parties for their own independent marketing or business purposes without your consent. In case of data transfer, we will take all measures to protect it and, if possible, necessarily and reasonably, will pseudonymize or otherwise hamper their connection with you, and in exceptional circumstances will endeavor to fully anonymize your information in the situation where we estimate that there is a risk of preserving your rights. Disclosure of your information is possible for subjects that are in direct business relationship with Visiopuls, and which are an integral part of our business. Furthermore, it is possible to share your information with trusted and secure business partners whose services and products are an integral part of Visiopuls’ service, especially healthcare services that Visiopuls offers.

Your safety is always first. Your personal information may be disclosed to competent authorities and other parties if it was ordered by law or by a decision of an administrative or judicial body:

  • to comply with the law or to respond to mandatory legal proceedings (such as search warrantes or other court orders);
  • to check or comply with our policies
  • to protect the rights, ownership or safety of users, clients and the publisher.

Visiopuls uses and regularly improves its system for collecting and processing personal data to ensure compliance with legal regulations and, of course, your security. In doing so, reasonable physical and technical data protection measures are used, as well as technical achievements and guidelines of the personal data authorities, both at the level of the Republic of Croatia and the EU that are being monitored. Visiopuls must point out that due to the rapid development of technology, every Internet user must be aware that no system is absolutely safe and that it is not possible to objectively predict any risks that may arise on the Internet. Visiopuls cannot particularly affect the services provided by third parties, which are necessary for the existence of this website. Unauthorized attacks on this site and Visiopuls are always possible, although we are trying to minimize any risks that may arise. In any case, we will be persistent in our efforts to make your personal data protection system as secure as possible.



If despite the content of this privacy and personal data protection statements certain items are still unclear, or if you feel that certain details are not explained enough, feel free to contact our Personal Data Protection Officer with your reasonable inquiries. In accordance with objective possibilities the Officer will try to respond to your inquiries and provide you with all reasonably available information to ensure you are informed. According to applicable laws, we are obliged to inform you that you have the right to file a complaint against processing of your personal information both to Visiopuls and the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

At your request, Visiopuls will provide you with a notification on how personal information is processed. If your personal information is incorrect, we will correct them at your request. In this case, as in other cases provided for by the applicable regulations, you may request a processing limitation. Our Data Protection Officer will examine all of your inquiries and try to respond within 30 days, provided you have legal grounds for your request. The response dynamics depends on the nature of your inquiry and, in general, on the quantity and nature of other possible inquiries. In the case of unreasonable, overly detailed, frequently repeated, and otherwise unjustifiable difficult inquirites, Visiopuls may charge you with a reasonable fee for answering your inquiry. In most difficult situations Visiopuls will refuse to respond to your inquiry.

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