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About us

From a family business to a strong player with a chain of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, spa-wellness and fitness centers, and pubs across Croatia – the country of the sun, sea, and other natural resources.

Established in 2018, the Residence Group now has 3 and 4-star hotels in Zagreb.

All of the hospitality facilities of the Residence Group are connected by their diversity, recognizable interiors, and modern design, as well as high level of personalized and professional service.



The company owns and operates three hotels, spa-wellness, and fitness center, three coffee shops, two restaurants and one pub.

Boutique Hotel Residence 3*, restaurant El Bull Steakhouse & Trattoria, Spa-Wellnes and Fitness Center Residence are located in Dubrava area of Zagreb, while Hotel Gallus 3*, restaurant Gallus, Wine & Coffee Lounge Bar are located in Sesvete. In Novi Zagreb you will find our Hotel Diplomat 4*, Pub Big Mama, Caffe Bar Gundulich is located in the center of Zagreb, and Cafee Bar Kongo is located in Sesvete.

We provide feeling home

In accordance with our vision, we provide our guests with a sense of home, providing them with a comfortable and carefree environment, placing their wishes and needs in the first place.
We have brought together high standard and comfort, professionalism and kindness, and we want the Residence Group members to be a place that feels like another home.



Visit us and experience complete pleasure and satisfaction!

We are certainly the best choice for your vacation, but also for your business meetings and private events.